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What are the different types of Actions available in Struts ?



One of the built-in actions provided by the struts framework. The collection of related functions into a single Action is possible using this action. It allows eliminating the creation of multiple independent actions for each function.




It is a helper class which dispatches to a method that is in Action. This class provides an alternative mechanism for using DispatchAction. With the help of various types of mechanisms, the ‘dispatching’ behavior can be easily implemented into an Action without inheritance of a particular super Action class.




The subclass mapped execute() method is dispatched by this abstract Action class. This process is useful where a HTML form has many clicks on submit buttons with the same name. The corresponding ActionMapping’s parameter property specifies the button name.


Forward Action and IncludeAction:


These forward and include the context-relative URI specified by the parameter property of our associated ActionMapping.

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